Spreewald - naturally unique

Visit a delta landscape which is one of the prettiest and at the same time totally unique nature reserves in Europe. The terms Spree and Wald (i.e. the river and its woodland) are applied to an unspoilt inland delta with an extremely compact network of waterways that branches out for one hundred kilometres. In 1991, the Spreewald was designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Elsewhere the car is the mode of transport used for shopping, the daily journey to work or carrying bulky items, but in the interior of the Spreewald the punt is the traditional means of getting around.

Unique cultural heritage

Here in the Spreewald place names, road names and the names of the waterways are bilingual.

Why? Because the Spreewald and Lusatia constitute an area that was settled by a small population of Slavs - the Sorbs/Wends. Their own mother tongue and customs are of inestimable value to our homeland and both remain alive even today.

Spreewald Originals

It is said that Spreewald gherkins are better known than the Spreewald itself. They certainly give people everywhere a taste of their attractive origins and a delicious treat in the form of the region's famous sour gherkins, spiced gherkins, hot pepper gherkins, garlic gherkins and mustard gherkins.

As one of Germany's major kitchen gardens, the Spreewald has a long tradition of both cultivating and conserving vegetables.

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Paddle your own canoe

The most popular way of discovering the Spreewald is to take a trip on a traditional Spreewald punt. Unhurried and relaxed. Refreshment for the soul.

Equally enjoyable - but more athletic - is to explore the waterways by negotiating this landscape of lagoons yourself. Glide gently through the maze of waterways. At one with nature. A network of 1,550 km of waterways is yours to discover in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. Of which 276 km are navigable. Dedicated trail maps for exploring the waterways and the signage on the channels will help you to find your way. So why not hire out a canoe or kayak - available from punt stations and boathouses?

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