Hiking or walking in the Spreewald

Past picturesque Spreewald villages and imposing forests

Discover the most beautiful hiking tours and pure nature in the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. The hiking trails through the Spreewald vary between five and 25 km and, due to their low gradient, are easy for everyone to manage. They lead through old deciduous forests, picturesque Spreewald villages and along typical rivers, locks and Spreewald floodplains. Current information: There is currently a diversion on the 66 Lakes Hiking Trail in Leibsch due to construction work.

Here you will find an overview of hiking trails in Burg, Lübbenau and other Spreewald towns. You can combine some of the hiking trails into a longer hiking tour. If the trail is too long for you, you can always end the return trip with a typical boat trip. Tip: To create favourites or plan trips, feel free to use thethe offers on this page.

Hiking trails from Burg

Several hiking routes through the Spreewald start in the spa town of Burg. On the Fontane Trail (11 km), as the name suggests, hikers follow in the footsteps of the famous German poet Theodor Fontane and pass several historic Spreewald farms. More information on the unique flora and fauna of the Spreewald is provided by the local history trail (5 km). The circular trail starts and ends at the Bismarck Tower in Burg and leads hikers to the visitor centre of the biosphere reserve and the willow castle Arena Salix. The Nowy circular hiking trail (6 km) starts directly at the Burg Tourist Information Centre and focuses primarily on the history of the village. The first stop on the way to the Old Spreewald Railway Station is the Dziumba costume embroidery shop with a large selection of historical costumes. Then you reach the historic Nowy farmstead, where one of the oldest farming families in the village still lives today.

Familie vor Haus Schlangenkönig Burg Spreewald
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow

Hiking trails from Lübben

Two hiking trails also start in Lübben. The circular trail on the Spree dam (23 km) leads past the remains of the old town wall of Lübben and the Paul Gerhardt Church, the town's landmark. It goes through the green Lübben grove to the Hartmannsdorf weir, one of the largest hydraulic structures in the Spreewald. The second hiking route leads from Lübben to Lübbenau (15 km) and passes Lübben Castle with the castle island and the lively harbour district in Lübbenau with its cucumber mile.


Hiking trails in the Lower Spree Forest

The hiking trail through the Krausnick mountain Spree Forest (18 km) and to the Heideseen lakes leads from Krausnick up to the Wehlaberg and from there down into the valley to Großwasserburg. The hilly landscape of the Krausnick mountains is unique to the Spreewald and particularly recommendable for this reason.

Further information on the hiking trails in the Spreewald as well as appropriate maps are available at the Spreewald tourist information offices.

Brücke vor Spree Lagune Lübben
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow