Hiking from Lübben via the Barzlin to Lübbenau

Your rucksack is ready and your walking stick is sharpened? Then off you go on the dreamlike hiking trail, most of which runs along the European Long Distance Trail E 10. Pass unique nature experiences in the Spreewald!

Pass the Lübbener Hain, the Brückenplatz with the historical remains of the town wall, the Markplatz with the Paul Gerhardt Church, the Gerichtsstraße, Lübben Castle and the Lübben Castle Island in the Spreewald before you then leave the last district of Lübben with the Deichsiedlung.

Cross the Nordumfluter, a canal that is particularly important for draining flood waters. Enjoy the unique nature experiences in the Spreewald with its open pastures and many cattle farms. The Barzlin, a valley elevation, 3,000 years old and already a settlement area at that time, is your next stage destination. Hiwer was a castle built by Slavic settlers in the 9th century. At the end of your hiking tour in the Spreewald, the E 10 long-distance hiking trail joins up with the famous Spreewald cucumber cycle path all the way to Lübbenau (Spreewald).

You're almost there! Arriving in Lübbenau's old town, you will be greeted by many traditional gherkin pickling shops. As you may know, Lübbenau is also known as the "capital of Spreewald gherkins".

  • Length: 15 km
  • Start/finish: Lübben old town
  • Places of interest along the way: Lübben grove, Brückenplatz in Lübben, Paul Gerhardt Church, the Gerichtsstraße, Lübben Castle, Castle Island in Lübben, the Barzlin, gherkin cycle path

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With its charming water labyrinths, wet meadows and alder swamp forests, the Spreewald is a valuable habitat for nature and biodiversity. Learn more about nature conservation via this link from the biosphere reserve or on our overview.