Hiking through the Krausnick mountain Spree Forest and discovering heath lakes

You want to climb the highest mountain in the Spreewald? Then you shouldn't miss a hiking tour in the Krausnick mountain Spreewald and the Heideseen!

As soon as your muscles are burning and sweat is running, you'll realise that you're on the right path to the Kreuzkirche. Always uphill along field and forest paths, you won't regret the unique view from the observation tower on the 144-metre-high Wehlaberg. Finally, the trail descends towards the Heidesee lakes, which are a popular spot for both local wildlife and anglers. When you arrive at the Swan Lake, you can take a break and really breathe in.

After a short breather, continue on to Köthen, which was once founded by Wendish fishermen. Located on the southern edge of Lake Köthen, you will find one of many bathing lakes in the Spreewald to cool off in and a restaurant serving good home-style food and delicious Spreewald specialities. Freshly fortified, you head to the last stop on your hiking tour in the Spreewald - Groß Wasserburg. To finish off, why not take a leisurely boat trip through the Sp reewald and discover how different the Spreewald looks from the water?

  • Length: 18 km
  • Start: Krausnick
  • Destination: Groß Wasserburg
  • Places of interest along the way: Wehlaberg, Köthen, Groß Wasserburg, nature experiences in the Spreewald with its native flora and fauna

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With its charming water labyrinths, wet meadows and alder swamp forests, the Spreewald is a valuable habitat for nature and biodiversity. Learn more about nature conservation via this link from the biosphere reserve or on our overview.