Hiking through the Raddusch moor nature trail

Despite all the drainage measures, the Spreewald is still largely an extensive marshy lowland with numerous ice-age moors. They are important carbon reservoirs and particularly important under today's ecological aspects. Almost half of the carbon present in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide is bound in peatlands.

From Raddusch there is the possibility to see several moors of different characteristics on a circular trail of about 14 kilometres. Even though they are superficially similar, they differ in thickness. The moors are marked and characterised here. The moor path can be walked with smartphone navigation - making it the first path that could do without signposting. A QR code refers to the description at the respective moors. The "Mofo", the moor frog mascot, is an additional indication that the hiker is on the right path. The tourist service providers have flyers available parallel to the GPS navigation. The trail is largely unspoilt and in some circumstances (annual winter traffic jam) can only be walked with special footwear. A little adventure and a sense of discovery are part of the trail; it leads through deserted areas and should not be walked alone if possible.

  • Start and finish: Raddusch natural harbour
  • Length: 13.5 kilometres
  • To see on the way: Radduscher Kaupen with the oldest residential house (built in 1751), Buschmühle, Dubkowmühle (200 metres off the beaten track, but a recommended place to stop for refreshments), guided tour possible by bike or on a hike

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With its charming water labyrinths, wet meadows and alder swamp forests, the Spreewald is a valuable habitat for nature and biodiversity. Learn more about nature conservation via this link from the biosphere reserve or on our overview.