Horse riding and riding stables

"All the happiness in the world is on horseback" - In the Spreewald, riders' dreams come true! Experience this feeling of happiness while riding in the Spreewald and explore the entire Spreewald on horseback, past shining rivers, into traditional Spreewald villages and through the middle of green forests.

Trust your companion and let your horse find its way through the varied terrain. Enjoy the magnificent view and relax at a gentle trot or canter.

Relaxing in the Spreewald horse-drawn carriages

Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider, in the Spreewald horse-drawn carriages you will experience a very special way of getting around. Take a seat on a horse-drawn carriage and let yourself be driven leisurely through the Spreewald. While the horses pull the heavy carriages in front of you, you can relax and enjoy the view and the landscape.

Forget your stress and everyday life for a few hours, take a deep breath and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the Spreewald. The slow movement and closeness to nature will calm and relax you. Let the gentle movements of the horse-drawn carriage lull you to sleep or watch in fascination as the horses find their way through the Spreewald.

No matter what type of transportation you prefer, riding or riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the Spreewald will allow you to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape. During the entire tour, you will be accompanied by experienced staff if you wish, who will always be there to help and advise you. Take a look at the different offers now and book your excursion to the Spreewald.

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Riding Stables and Horse Riding Excursions in the Spreewald

Several horse farms in the Spreewald offer the opportunity to go on excursions to the sights in the Spreewald. Or you can spend the entire holiday with your family on a riding farm and get to know the work with the animals. On a riding farm you can also take care of your own horse and take it with you into the Spreewald. This gives you the opportunity to explore the most beautiful spots in the Spreewald individually.

Horse riding in the Spreewald is also an unforgettable experience for the little ones. At the pony farm they can not only let off steam, but also learn a lot about the animals. The children learn how to properly care for and look after a horse. In addition, they can gain their first experience of handling and caring for horses during riding lessons. No matter whether you are a riding professional or a beginner, you will have an unforgettable time riding and driving a carriage in the Spreewald and enjoy the beautiful landscape to the fullest.

Find your horse riding farm in the Spreewald and get in touch with us to experience your holiday on horseback!

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