The village of Calau


The town of Kalauer offers a fabulous setting. Nestled between the idyllic Spreewald and the hills of Calau Switzerland lies the small town of Calau. The charming town centre with its historical landmarks and the unique Witzerundweg awaits the curious visitor.

In the surrounding area you can discover the dreamlike nature and the rural flair - on a hike, by bike or by vintage bus. Calau is considered the birthplace of the "Kalauer": the cobblers working in the 19th century invented many an ambiguous word joke and carried them all the way to Berlin. The satirical magazine "Kladderadatsch" published them - the term "Kalauer" was born.

Places of interest in Calau

Climb the church tower for a wonderful view over the town and the natural paradise of Calau Switzerland. Please enquire about guided tours at the Calau tourist information office. "The museums in Calau are more down-to-earth and present interesting facts about the town and its history. The museum of local history in the old girls' school covers the history of the town from its early settlement and the Middle Ages to the era of the journeymen shoemakers at the end of the 19th century. A few steps further on, in the House of Local History, a permanent exhibition is dedicated to the most important son of the town of Calau, Carl Anwandter. The socially committed Anwandter was even mayor of the town at the time and emigrated to Chile in 1850. Here he also had a lasting impact on society, and the town of Calau still maintains friendly relations with Anwandter's descendants and the Chilean Embassy in Germany.

An insider's tip is the vintage car museum "Mobile World of the East" with more than 200 historic vehicles and accessories from this period. Also worth seeing is the technical collection of the Bareinz family in the Altnau district. Steam engines, tractors and vehicles from earlier times can be seen here. Advance booking is necessary here, please enquire at the Calau tourist information office.

Calau fountain
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Activities in Calau

The highlight of any visit to Calau is the unique joke trail. There are plaques at 25 prominent places in Calau's town centre that are peppered with stories about the town's history and real "jokes". The cobbler's boy in bronze as a sculpture is encountered by visitors from time to time. The Calau Joke Trail can be explored free of charge and all year round. For individual guided tours, please contact the Calau tourist information office.

A tour through Calau Switzerland is an absolute nature experience: deep gorges, numerous springs, moors, ponds and forests form a unique natural idyll in this nature reserve. The highest elevation in this designated hiking area is the 161-metre-high Kesselberg. At the foot of the Stegschänke in Werchow bubbles the Goldborn, the spring with the most water in Lower Lusatia. Near the Goldborn is the Werchow Legend Trail with its twelve erratic blocks on which mystical and romantic legends from the region can be read. From Werchow (free parking in the centre of the village), it is also worth taking a hike to the "Luckaitztaler Ziegelturm" observation tower, which opened in 2020. From its viewing platform at a height of 43 metres, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the region on a clear day.

Calau figure in downtown in the background a church
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Events in Calau

The Calau town festival always takes place on the 3rd weekend in August.

On the 2nd Advent weekend you can visit the Christmas market. You will also find many event highlights in the surroundings of Calau, which will make your holiday in the Spreewald an unforgettable experience.


Tourist Information Calau

Cottbuser Straße 32 03205 Calau Tel.: 03541 89580

Fairground in Calau
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