The place Dissen


Dissen is the stork village with a historic settlement. Have you always been fascinated by life in the Middle Ages? Then Dissen in the Spreewald will inspire you.

Located between Burg and Cottbus, the village maintains Slavic customs and opens the door to another time. There, people wear coarse woollen clothes, live in thatched huts and cook their food on small fireplaces.

Places of interest in Dissen

"Stary Lud - encounter with the ancient people" is the name of a reconstructed Slavic settlement in Dissen in the Spreewald. Here you can experience what life in the Spreewald was like 1000 years ago. But Dissen offers more than a journey into the past. As soon as you enter the village, it is worth taking a look upwards, as many pairs of storks nest here. Dissen also has a museum of local history that is well worth seeing, where most of the exhibits can also be touched.

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Activities in Dissen

Dissen in the Spreewald lies directly on the Gherkin Cycle Path. Therefore, a trip by bike is worthwhile. Particularly worth seeing is the picturesque Spree floodplain, a renaturation area that is home to rare animals and plants. The area is freely accessible to visitors and direct contact with aurochs, water buffalo and wild horses is possible.


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Storchen- und Museumsdorf Dissen