The municipality of Kolkwitz

Hikers, cyclists and nature lovers feel at home between the Spreewald and the lakeland.

The municipality of Kolkwitz in the Spreewald is located between Vetschau and Cottbus and consists of 17 districts.

As an active holidaymaker, you will find here above all a well-developed network of hiking trails, excellent cycle paths and several riding stables. The municipality of Kolkwitz is surrounded by forests, meadows, ponds, rivers and lakes.

Here you can also simply discover country life and enjoy nature. The districts of Babow, Milkersdorf and Papitz lie directly in the idyllic Spreewald Biosphere Reserve.

Places of interest in the municipality of Kolkwitz

The late Gothic church in Papitz, with its 37-metre-high tower, is visible from afar in the landscape. The village church was first mentioned in the Meissen diocese register in 1346. The church bell has a diameter of 110 cm and dates from 1396. The age of the organ is also worth mentioning. It was built in 1827/28 by Christoph Schröther from Sonnewalde.

The Kolkwitz church, on the other hand, impresses with a sound that has become rare. In front of the 14th century church is a carillon whose three bells are still rung by hand.

Other popular destinations are the glass church and the pub "Die Koselmühle" in Glinzig, the bunker museum of the GDR air force in Kolkwitz and the Meck-Café goat farm in Gulben. As a direct neighbour, the large city of Cottbus has much to offer with the State Theatre, the State Museum of Art, Branitz Park with its castle and the zoo.

Church in Kolkwitz
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Activities in the municipality of Kolkwitz

The fish-rich ponds in the municipality of Kolkwitz are an angler's paradise for big and small anglers, such as the upper pond in Glinzig. The fishing season is from April to October. If you prefer to explore Kollwitz by bike: the Niederlausitzer Bergbautour long-distance cycle route runs directly through Kolkwitz and the cucumber cycle route is also within easy reach.

A variety of events are held throughout the year, such as the masquerade ball, carnival, carnival parades, Easter bonfire, maypole raising, cock plucking, funfair dance, Oktoberfest or the Secret Santa festival are among the highlights of the Kolkwitz community.

Further information and extensive maps of the hiking and cycling trails are available at the tourist information offices in the Spreewald towns.


Community of Kolkwitz

Berliner Straße 19 03099 Kolkwitz

Tel.: 0 355 - 29300 0

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