The village of Krausnick

Krausnick is a wonderful destination for extensive hiking tours in the Spreewald: you hike in the shade of the trees, relax by the water, climb mountains ...

You are probably thinking: "Where are there mountains in the Spreewald? There are, and they are the Krausnick mountains! They form the border between the Spreewald and the Dahmeland to the northwest.

Places of interest in Krausnick

The approximately 1,000-year-old village of Krausnick will enchant you. It lies between mountains and beautiful Spreewald meadows. On a hill in the north is the Kreuzkirche, a half-timbered building from the early 18th century. Tip: Before you set off into the Krausnick mountains for a hike in the Spreewald, be sure to take a look at the altar and organ inside the church.

Half-timbered church in Krausnick
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Activities in Krausnick

The Krausnick mountains stand out strikingly from the Brandenburg lowlands. At 144 metres, the Wehlaberg is the highest elevation. Hike to the lookout point on the summit in the Spreewald and enjoy the view. On a clear day you can even see the tropics on the horizon! These are located in a former hangar for airships - the Tropical Islands Resort. As a reward, after hiking in the Spreewald you can relax under palm trees with Caribbean sounds and cocktail in hand. From the mountains to the beach - that too is the Spreewald!


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Wehlaberg Tower in Krausnick
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