The village of Lehde


The historic Spreewald village of Lehde is best discovered on foot or on a traditional boat trip.

Lehde is officially a district of Lübbenau, but has its very own charm and character.

With its 130 inhabitants and its direct location on the water, Lehde is one of the most original and beautiful villages in the Spreewald. Even the great poet and author Theodor Fontane knew how to describe the beauty of Lehde: "It is the pocket-sized lagoon town, a Venice as it may have been 1,500 years ago when the first fishing families sought shelter on its marshy sandy beaches."

Places of interest in Lehde

Then as now, the Spreewald punt is an important means of transport in the small town surrounded by water. Therefore, in addition to an exploration tour on foot, a trip on the traditional barge is particularly recommended.

Visitors should not miss the open-air museum in Lehde. With its three old-world farms, it offers insights into the way of life and living of the Spreewald inhabitants in the 19th century. A historical exhibition of traditional costumes, an art gallery, a pottery and a blueprint workshop provide interesting information about traditional crafts and the Sorbian roots of the Spreewald people.

Lehde flow little house from wood
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Events in Lehde

The annual Lehde Festival with its women in traditional costume and the barge parade shows the village from its traditional side. Things get more modern during the Spreewald Nights of Light, when the bridges, trees and houses of the village are bathed in a sea of colour. Visitors should make sure to book in good time for the unusual boat trips at this time. In the winter months, the Spreewald Christmas is a special experience. Here, visitors are taken from the harbour Christmas in Lübbenau on Spreewald barges and accompanied by gnomes to the open-air museum in Lehde, where a Christmas like 150 years ago awaits them.


Tourist Information Lehde

Ehm-Welk-Straße 15 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald Tel. 03542 3668

Boat trip in Spreewald river with women in traditional costumes
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