The village of Leibsch


Leibsch is the gateway to the Spreewald.

You want to see the place that unites the largest rivers in the Spreewald and thus makes the Spree return? Then visit Leibsch! The small village is considered the northern gateway to the Spreewald. This is where the Puhlstrom and the Hauptspree meet.

In Leibsch, the water is regulated by a large weir and lock system, which even contributes to stabilising Berlin's water supply. And: the Dahme Umflutkanal branches off here. It protects the Spreewald from flooding.

Places of interest in Leibsch

See the modern weir in Leibsch with your own eyes and also discover the old needle weir. It is a technical monument and very well preserved. Experience how the Spree flows powerfully through the landscape again. The water is now rich in oxygen and fish - a real paradise for anglers in the Spreewald!

Activities in Leibsch

Would you rather take a boat trip in the Spreewald? No problem! There are two departure points in Leibsch. Take a seat in the punt and let it take you through the more than 1,000-year-old village in the Spreewald. Pass by old half-timbered houses and enjoy the peace and quiet as the punt carries you out of Leibsch into the Lower Spreewald.


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Barge ride in the Spreewald river with two people and the barge driver
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