The Märkische Heide area

(Markojska góla)

Märkische Heide is a perfect destination if you are looking for experiences in the middle of nature. The municipality is located to the east of the Lower Spreewald, on the edge of the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve and includes several protected landscape areas.

Discover small villages and forest lakes far away from tourist centres. The Märkische Heide is partly part of the recognised territory of the Sorbs/Wends, whose culture is still lived there today. Experience the uniqueness of this municipality, which with over 200 square kilometres is one of the largest in Germany. Enjoy the scent and colours of the heather and relax in this beauty of nature.

Places of interest in the Märkische Heide

In the municipality of Märkische Heide there are three Spreewald villages that are 1,000 years old: Gröditsch, Pretschen and Leibchel. And all three are well worth visiting on an excursion! Stroll past the romantic half-timbered houses in Pretschen or marvel at the 15th century fieldstone church in Leibchel. If you are drawn to nature, you should go swimming in the Spreewald at Lake Groß Leuthen. On its shore, surrounded by tall trees, stands a magnificent Renaissance castle with a lot of history, which is also worth visiting.

Spree sign on the left side of the picture and in the background the river itself
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Activities in the Märkische Heide

The Märkische Heide is popular with hikers and cyclists alike. The route from the village beach in Groß Leuthen to Bückchen, for example, is well suited for cycling tours in the Spreewald and walks. Those who want to hike undisturbed in the nature of the Spreewald and enjoy the tranquillity should hike along Lake Neuendorf. The circular route consists mostly of paved paths and roads with little traffic.


Tourist Information Märkische Heide

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Half-timbered church
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