The village of Straupitz


When visiting Straupitz, don't forget your camera, because the small community in the Upper Spree Forest has sights that are rarely found in such a concentration in one place in Germany. The Spreewald village impresses with its "Schinkel Church", still functioning Dutch windmill and numerous traditions.

They cultivate their culture with festivals such as the St. John's Market and the Harvest Festival, and revive traditional handicrafts, Sorbian costumes and the long-standing boat trip tradition.

Places of interest in Straupitz

One of the special features in Straupitz is the classicist village church, also known as the "Schinkel Church", with its two bright white steeples. As the name suggests, the church building was designed by the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The famous master builder and architect found particular inspiration on his travels to Italy and incorporated the ancient style into his work in this country as well. Visitors will find a rare building of a completely different kind just a few metres away. The historic Holländermühle in Straupitz is the last functioning triple-wind mill in Europe still in operation. Visitors should definitely try the freshly pressed linseed oil. Between the Schinkel Church and Straupitz Castle is the historic Straupitz granary with an exhibition, pottery workshop and shop gallery.

Interior view mill gears and grinder
© TVS | Peter Becker

Events in Straupitz

The inhabitants of Straupitz love their village and the customs and traditions associated with it. The highlights in February include the Straupitzer Fastnacht with Zampern and Trachtenpolonaise and the Straupitzer Karneval modelled on the Cologne Karneval. They are organised by one of the Spreewald's largest carnival associations and are among the most important customs in the Spreewald.


Tourist Information Straupitz

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Carnival group girls and boys in club costume