The place Vochofska


The Wotschofska is a small island north of the village of Lehde. Surrounded by high forest, it is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Spreewald. This dreamlike island nature paradise is car-free.

But you can explore the island by bike or on foot. So it makes sense to plan Wotschofska as one of the stops on your Spreewald tour. We have put together some great tips for cycling or walking tours in the Spreewald.

Places of interest in Vochofska

Are you longing for a break from your bike tour in the Spreewald? Amidst tall alders is a traditional inn named after the island. Here you can rest and fortify yourself. Sample regional dishes surrounded by the unique peace and nature of this green Spreewald islet. And if you prefer a few decibels more: once a year you can hear rocking sounds. That's when the summer event "Rock in Wotschofska" takes place with international artists.

River in Spreewald with special forked trees
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Activities in Vochofska

From Lübbenau in the Spreewald, hike the Wotschofskaweg to the island. It is 3.2 km long and was established in 1911 as the first hiking trail in the region. The route is also pleasant in summer, as the trees of the high forest provide shade. Boat or canoe trips to Wotschofska are also recommended. The tours start, for example, in Lehde or the villages of Alt and Neu Zauche deep in the Spreewald.


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