Nature Tours & Conservation

UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve

Nature conservation in the Spreewald is an important concern. The biosphere reserve is an area where precious nature is particularly preserved.


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Protecting nature in the Spreewald

With its charming water labyrinths, wet meadows and alder swamp forests, the Spreewald is a valuable habitat for nature and biodiversity.


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Guided tours through nature and the surrounding countryside

Cucumber tour, mystical city tour or craftsmen's tour? The spectrum of guided tours in the Spreewald is wide, as it is very fascinating due to its great diversity.


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The unique nature of the Spreewald

Despite all the drainage measures, the Spreewald is still largely an extensive marshy lowland with numerous ice-age moors. These are important carbon reservoirs and particularly important under today's ecological aspects. One of the countless hiking trails, the Moorweg, begins and ends at the Radduscher Naturhafen, for example, and is also accessible via smartphone navigation. Take a look at our overview for more hiking trails.


Did you know that almost half of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bound in peatlands? You can learn this and much more about the moor on the Raddusch moor nature trail.

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Lieberos Heath Nature World

Do you already know the Lieberoser Heide Nature World? Formerly known as the Lieberoser Heide International Nature Exhibition - now: Naturwelt Lieberoser Heide - the wild heart of Lusatia. An area that was used as a military training area until 1992 is now dedicated to topics such as the development and exploration of biodiversity, environmental education and nature tourism. The area's importance in terms of nature and species conservation is high. For example, visitors can observe the various stages of development of the local vegetation along the succession path or get an idea of what moorland renaturation is all about.

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