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Spreewald Biosphere Reserve

The Visitor Centres for the Biosphere Reserve in Lübbenau, Schlepzig and Burg hold a wealth of information on the Spreewald's unique cultivated and natural landscape.

There are currently 15 biosphere reserves in Germany. One of them is the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve which was officially recognised by UNESCO in 1991. This is the name given to cultivated landscapes which deserve special protection due to their unique flora and fauna, and which help to preserve the ecosystems and genetic diversity.

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The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is situated around 100 km south-east of Berlin in the State of Brandenburg and it encompasses an area of about 47,500 hectares. Special features of the region include a delicate tracery of streams totalling 1,500 kilometres in length. The tributaries so typical of the Spreewald were created during the last Ice Age and now they offer 5,000 species of animals and plants a protected habitat - among them rare types such as fire-bellied toads, sea eagles, green hawkers and otters. But also the alder groves and the vast expanse of wetlands and marshes are home to many rare species of plants such as sundew, wild rosemary, cranberries and cotton grass.

Visitor Centre for the Biosphere Reserve

There are three Visitor Centres altogether in the Spreewald which provide information on life in the biosphere reserve and how it originated, in a multimedia exhibition. Each centre is individually designed and has a different focus. Accompanied by the bullfrog Bully, visitors can discover three worlds of experience in an exhibition opened in 2015 in the House for Man & Nature in Lübbenau, and in the process they get to know the river landscape unique to the Spreewald. The Alte Mühle in Schlepzig is home to the exhibition "On the Move Underwater" where visitors can view various species typical of the Spreewald's streams, from large catfish on the river bed to the tiny water fleas on the surface of the water. The exhibition "Viewpoints and Views" is to be found in the Schlossberghof Centre in Burg where you can find out all there is to know about cultivated plants and arable crops as well as agriculture in olden times and today.

Haus für Mensch & Natur

Haus f. Mensch & Natur
Schulstraße 9
03222 Lübbenau
phone: +49 3542 89210

Besucherzentrum in Schlepzig

Alte Mühle Schlepzig
Dorfstraße 52
15910 Schlepzig/Slopišća
phone: +49 35472 276

Besucherzentrum in Burg

Byhleguhrer Straße 17
03096 Burg/Spreewald
phone: +49 35603 69124

Nature tourism and environmental education in the biosphere reserve

Work at the Biosphere Reserve focuses on nature conservation, nature tourism, regional development and environmental education. Nature adventure trails, a garden for medicinal plants and spices in Burg or the visitor information centres make a valuable contribution towards environmental education.

As a canoeist's paradise, the habitats along the Spreewald's rivers are especially endangered. An information system for canoeists which supplies information on 15 legal rest areas (bivouac sites) for paddlers, is intended to support the kind of nature tourism in the biosphere reserve that protects the environment.


Spreewald biosphere reserve
Haus für Mensch & Natur
Schulstraße 9
03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald

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