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Boat rides in the Spreewald

Book a traditional boat ride with Spreewald gherkins, sandwiches or coffee and cake, and let the punter take you from one Spreewald village to another

A boat ride through the intricate network of streams is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Spreewald. Let your ferryman punter take you past picturesque Spreewald villages, peaceful meadows and imposing forests. You will learn exciting facts about sights, traditions and customs and treated to Spreewald gherkins with bread and dripping.

Boat ride season in the Spreewald

Main season (1.4.–31.10.)
Off-season (1.11.–31.3.)


The main season for boat rides goes from April to October. During this period, boats depart at hourly intervals. You should plan 2 to 3 hours for a boat ride, while special theme rides can also take longer. The winter timetable applies from November to March. During this period, selected ports and boat houses offer winter rides or mulled wine boat rides. Well wrapped up in a blanket and fortified with mulled wine, you will be on the water for around 1 hour. In particularly severe winters when the streams freeze over, the boats are replaced by sledges pushed by ice-skaters.

Boat trip offers & harbors

Boats have always been used by people in the Spreewald as a means of transport for harvest, cattle and mail. Therefore, almost every village and homestead has a corresponding harbor. You can start your boat trip in the following locations:

Group boat rides

We recommend that groups book a boat ride before arriving. You can either book one of our flat-rate offers for groups (e.g. with a visit to the distillery) or have a customised offer drawn up for you.

  • Flat-rate offers
  • Request an individual boat ride

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