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Spreewald Journal Issue: July/August 2018

On the road on the lifelines of the Spreewald Interview with Martin Richter: "It's about raising awareness for our intact living and natural space." For several decades, everything at the Richter Boat Hire in Lübbenau has revolved around the paddling experience: from tour tips and canoe hire to personal support from guides. Quality, competence and of course the fun of individual Spreewald discoveries are a matter of course here. The certification of the business with the ServiceQ, which has also included an in-house canoe-bike hostel since 2013, underlines the passion of the team. We got to talk to Martin Richter, a licensed canoe tour guide and customer advisor.

Mr Richter, the Spreewald is a source of pure enthusiasm for many canoeists. What do you think distinguishes the region as a canoeing destination? The immediate proximity to nature, the pleasant play of sun and shade along the rivers, the ban on motorboats here in the Upper Spree Forest. On top of that, long tours can be paddled wonderfully in a relatively small area - thanks to the winding rivers. What is important for interested paddlers who want to explore the river landscape on their own? The first thing we always tell all our guests, as an irrefutable rule, so to speak, is: the canoes have right of way! In addition, canoes may only be moored at the exit points marked for this purpose. You know the paddleable waterways of the region like the back of your hand. What advice do you have for water hikers who want to do a whole day tour in a canoe? It is definitely worth starting before 10 am. Then you'll be ahead of most of the canoes and you'll be at the inns before the other guests at lunchtime. A tour to Hochwald or, towards the afternoon, to Leipe and Lehde is highly recommended. With us, guests get tours and insider tips tailored to their needs, from a pretty picnic spot to a family-friendly inn with a playground. This individual attention ensures satisfied paddlers and is at the same time part of our visitor management. Bootsverleih Richter is committed to the sustainable development of canoe tourism. Which priorities are particularly close to your heart? It is important that the individual service providers are committed to the region and its preservation out of conviction. On the one hand, we want to raise awareness for responsible behaviour in nature as part of our daily work. The keyword environmental education comes into play here. On the other hand, we actively support projects of the civic foundation or the Lehde development association, for example. After all, it is about raising awareness for our intact living and natural space. It is not a matter of course that the Spreewald is and remains so beautiful and rich in species. We all have to do something for this. Are there any surprises that the Spreewald still has up its sleeve even for you as an experienced guide and canoeist after all these years? The garments of the seasons and especially the transitions from winter to spring and from summer to autumn always create a special atmosphere.