GLEIS 3 Cultural Centre Lübbenau

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Spreewald Journal Issue: March/April 2018

Interview with Queenie Nopper: "We are a pretty colourful bunch."

Where whole freight wagons full of ideas are shunted....

Switches have always been set in Lübbenau's Güterbahnhofstraße - in the past in the railway depot, today in the GLEIS 3 Cultural Centre Lübbenau. Whether cabaret or concert, innovative urban design or sculpture symposium, when it comes to creative exchange and entertainment, Lübbenau residents and guests are at the right address here. We talked to Queenie Nopper, coordinator of the GLEIS 3 cultural centre in Lübbenau and employee of the LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE.

Ms Nopper, GLEIS 3 is where some of Lübbenau's cultural threads come together. What distinguishes the profile of the cultural centre? We are a pretty colourful bunch. Diversity that appeals to interests across the generations is very important to us. The Bunte Bühne with its mixed theatre offerings, the Kulturhof offers a special music programme, the LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE stands for the topic of urban development and offers hands-on activities for Lübben residents and guests of the city of all generations. These are all great additions to the city's tourist attractions. And of course, the location speaks for itself with its historical charm and strong voluntary commitment. The Spreewald is not only a natural idyll, but also a cultural area. What do you see as the special attraction of your work?

The cooperation in the LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE and among the actors at GLEIS 3 is really harmonious, creative, constructive and, above all, qualitatively really good. Over the years we have built up a trust that now also offers the luxury of creative freedom. We can bring in our own ideas, then see them realised. That is a factor I value very much. Strengthening the sense of identity and togetherness characterise the work of many regional actors. What role do projects like the Spreewaldatelier as a sculptor and caricaturist open air or LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE as a cooperation with housing companies and the city play in this? We find common intersections, coordinate and close gaps. The partners involved complement each other, reflect and at the same time ensure healthy competition among and with each other. This is of great value for Lübbenau as a quality city. As LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE, we focus on public relations. Citizen-oriented projects such as the Easter Workshop are close to our hearts. Working with children and young people is also important to us. We want to arouse curiosity, promote interests and talents and create bonds. We are also pleased that our interactions often lead to permanent working groups. Of course, this strengthens the sense of unity and the conviction that together we can initiate and achieve something new. What three words would you use to describe the Spreewalders' relationship to art and culture? Open-minded, curious, enthusiastic.