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Spreewald Journal Issue: May/June 2018

Love at first check-in Interview with Claudia and Markus Karl: "Especially because of the scenic uniqueness of the Spreewald, the commitment to ecological sustainability is particularly important."

The Hotel STRANDHAUS in Lübben combines many things that make it a favourite place located directly on the Spree. With a deep connection to the Spreewald and great attention to detail, the Karl couple bridges the gap between modernity and a sense of tradition, the feeling of hygge and of having arrived in the UNESCO biosphere reserve. Recently, the house was also awarded second place in the Tourism Prize of the State of Brandenburg 2018. So there are many good reasons for a little chat with Markus Karl, aren't there?


Mr Karl, the STRANDHAUS is extremely popular with guests from near and far throughout the year. What is the intangible souvenir that you wish your guests would take home with them? Relaxed smile lines around the eyes and the thought of having found a new favourite place. You and your wife have owned the house since 2007. Has there been an idea since then that you are particularly proud of? Perhaps also because its realisation was an extraordinary challenge? That is a difficult question. Which child do you love more? But our nestlings - the two new rest cubes in the wellness garden - combine everything we love in just a few square metres. Exceptional architecture, equipment design and comfort paired with an exclusive location in nature. Sustainability lived out of conviction is very important to them. This includes the balance of social, ecological and economic aspects. A concern that you also draw attention to on your website. How relevant is such a guiding principle for tourism in the Spreewald today? The commitment to ecological sustainability is particularly important because of the uniqueness of the Spreewald landscape. In the medium term, the credibility of all tourism offers stands and falls with it. But it is also socially and economically sustainable to deal with the compatibility of tourism and nature, because the uniqueness of this unique nature is the basis of life for our businesses and those of our employees. Relaxation, enjoyment, naturalness, hospitality - all of these are important to you. That must make the STRANDHAUS a real little place of longing for many of your guests, right? Indeed, we are very happy to already have a large and loyal circle of regular guests. And when we read the numerous enthusiastic comments on the rating portals or in the social networks, we sometimes realise that we have succeeded in doing something extraordinary. Please complete the following statement: "The three attributes that excellently describe the Spreewald for me are...". Decelerating, grounding and energising.