SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit Schlepzig

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Spreewald Journal Issue: January/February 2017

Interview with Managing Director Susanne DuChesne: "The Spreewald is a wonderful place that also offers great tourism conditions."

In Schlepzig, surrounded by the scenic Lower Spreewald, lies the SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit. With a love of detail, a connection to the region and a sense for refreshing diversity of experience, the resort has constantly developed since the early 1990s and offers guests plenty of opportunities to be pampered. Managing Director Susanne Du Chesne knows this too.

Ms Du Chesne, the SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit offers guests both a haven of peace and an exquisite experience. What distinguishes the resort in particular? In short: simplicity. The expanse of nature, the time-honoured and cosy in combination with the modern elements make Seinerzeit an almost magical place. Whether it's the hand-brewed beers from the Spreewald Private Brewery 1788, the rooms arranged with a personal touch or the regional ingredients in the restaurant cuisine: what role does this Spreewald individuality play for you and your guests? The biggest role. The Spreewald is a wonderful place that also offers great tourist conditions. The secluded and partly quaint charm of Schlepzig, for example, makes it a fairytale village for many Berliners. What do you particularly like to draw inspiration from when designing and developing the in-house character? Our aim is not to disturb what already exists. With this in mind, we want to create a place where people enjoy spending their holidays. To do this, we ask ourselves the question: How do we feel good ourselves? René Kowatsch, my husband Torsten Splanemann-Du Chesne and I simply have fun developing new ideas, trying them out and arranging them. To do this, we travel all over Europe and pack all the beautiful things and accessories into our backpacks that we think will fit into Seinerzeit. From the wedding ceremony in the Weidendom to the Christmas bakery for children and the morning pint with live music - the SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit is a welcoming place all year round. How important is it to establish such year-round hospitality in a rural region? For us, year-round presence is inevitable, not only from an economic point of view. Mulled wine boat trips, the brewery, the bar - for the visitor who is looking for peace and relaxation, especially the winter offers added value. Relaxation is made very easy for the guest. And now a seasonal tip: What personal recommendation for the winter time in the Spreewald can you recommend to visitors and locals? It's so nice to sit on a punt with your clothes on or to go for a walk, to enjoy the naturalness of the Spreewald undisturbed and to drink a hot chocolate by the fireplace afterwards. Or how about a night watchman's walk?