Mulled wine boat trip in Hochwald, Neu Zauche/Straupitz

Travel time: 01.11. - 31.03.
People: from 6

Autumn and winter in the Spreewald, the leaves have slowly fallen, frosts and isolated snowfalls enchant the landscape. Defoliated forests allow deep insights. The peace and special silence is indescribable and is not disturbed by anyone! Snuggled up in thick blankets with a mug of mulled wine and a hot water bottle, so peaceful and full of enchantment can be a boat trip in autumn and winter.

from 24,00 € p.p.
Birken vor Fließ
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow
  • Price: 24,00 € per person from 6 persons
  • 1 mulled wine or tea for free!
  • Duration: 1,0 hour
  • Place: Port Straupitz or port Neu Zauche

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