Vision Quest in Nature - What do I burn for, what drives me?

Travel time: 01.01. - 31.12.
People: 4 - 8

Do you sometimes ask yourself these questions? And do you want to get out of everyday life - into nature? Then you are welcome to join us, as we offer leisure, deceleration, opening of heart and gaze to take space for your own questions and get into creator mode: Setting intention/drawing a map: What am I dreaming about? Prepare hike: What stands between me and my dreams? Set out: What do I need? Being on the way with binoculars: That's where I want to go. For this and at the same time: Landing in the body and finding one's own center with Yoga and Cantienica© exercises, to bring mind and soul to rest and to awaken one's own intuition - in a place of silence, depth and unspoiledness. You will be accompanied and cared for by a convinced and successful freelance artist and a yoga teacher/supervisor.

from 390,00 € p.p.
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow
  • 6-8 hours program
  • Accompaniment by yoga teacher and supervisor as well as freelance artist
  • incl. drinks and rural lunch

Individual time and place arrangements are possible.

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