Welcome to the Spreewald


The Spreewald is one of the most famous holiday areas in the federal state of Brandenburg.

You can visit the Spreewald. There are many rivers in the Spreewald.

These rivers are often connected to each other.

These rivers in the Spreewald are also called tiles.

There are many islands here.

That's why people in the Spreewald travel a lot by boat.

There are different boats.

Small boats for paddling by yourself are called canoes.

Large boats for several people are called Kahn.

There are also various hiking trails and cycle paths through the forest.

Many people also come to the Spreewald to relax.

There are many different plants and animals in the Spreewald.

Some plants and animals are only found in the Spreewald.

That's why you have to protect the Spreewald.

That's why, for example, you should take your rubbish back with you.

The Spreewald is famous for its cucumbers.

The cucumbers are grown in fields there.

But there are many other things that are only grown or produced in the Spreewald.


Places and towns in the Spreewald

There are many beautiful places and towns in the Spreewald.

There you can:

  • go to a museum
  • learn about history
  • look at beautiful and old houses
  • eat and drink well
  • take a guided tour of the town
  • shop well


Accessibility in the Spreewald

In the Spreewald there are many offers for people with disabilities.

But not all of them can get across old wooden bridges, for example.

The Spreewalders want to make a holiday for everyone possible.

The Spreewald Tourism Association can answer many questions by telephone.

The telephone number is 035433 72299.

You can call between 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.