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GPS tours in the Spreewald

Whether you are travelling on foot or by bike - discover the Spreewald and the Spree-Neiße-Bober Euro region with the aid of our GPS Tracks.

Discover the regional and cross-border tours for the Spree-Neiße-Bober region. Hike through Burg in the Spreewald, bike to the lakes around Cottbus and visit Krosno on the Oder, the princely Żagań or the wine town of Zielona Góra.

As part of the "GPS Youth Project", German and Polish schoolchildren together explored the Spree-Neiße-Bober area with GPS devices and cameras. Tourist trails were developed from their work which visitors to the region can explore on foot or by bike.

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The Poland (Województwo Lubuskie) Brandenburg Programme 2007 – 2013 is co-financed from funds of the European Fund for Regional Development. Overcoming borders by jointly investing in the future.

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