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Gherkins bike trail - tracking down the Spreewald gherkin

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The Spreewald and Spreewald gherkins are inextricably linked. But where exactly do the gherkins come from and how are they produced? On a bike tour on the Gherkins bike trail in the Spreewald, visitors can find answers to these and other questions.

The Gherkins bike trail leads over 260 km through the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, past picturesque streams and romantic villages as well as numerous sights, gherkin fields and gherkin pickling plants. The restaurants along the route invite you to stop for a rest to taste Spreewald's speciality.

Facts - Gherkins bike trail

Length: 260 km
General map: Download (PDF)
Signposts: yellow signs with green gherkin riding a bike
Start & Finish: good train connections to Lübben, Lübbenau, Vetschau and Cottbus
GPS data: Download

Gherkins bike trail course

The Gherkins bike trail can be split into 8 stages which can also be further subdivided, however. From Lübben, the Gherkins bike trail leads south, past Lübbenau with its castle, and Lehde with its Gherkin Museum. The route continues via Burg and Werben to the cultural metropolis of Cottbus with its historical Old Town and its beautiful Art Nouveau theatre. The circular route then takes you past the fortress town of Peitz and the Dutch windmill in Straupitz back to Lübben.
If you follow the Gherkins bike trail northward, you will reach the idyllic Spreewald village of Schlepzig as well as the towns of Groß Leuthen, Leibsch, Krausnick and Golßen. The Spreewald Gherkin Day is held in Golßen on the second weekend of August with ceremonies and customs surrounding the Spreewald gherkin.

Stage 1: Lübben-Burg
Stage 2: Burg-Peitz-Cottbus
Stage 3: Cottbus-Burg
Stage 4: Burg-Lehde
Stage 5: Lehde-Niewitz
Stage 6: Niewitz-Krausnick
Stage 7: Krausnick-Groß Leuthen
Stage 8: Groß Leuthen-Lübben

Due to the lack of serious climbs in the Spreewald, the cycle path is suitable both for advanced cyclists and for families with children. A complete network of battery-changing stations allows you also to explore the route with e-bikes that can be hired at various rental stations.
Besides the Gherkins bike trail, there are further cycle paths through the Spreewald such as the Prince Pückler Trail, the Niederlausitz Mining Tour, the Spreewald Trail or the Crane Tour.

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