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    Hiking trails and tours in the Spreewald

    The UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Germany.

    The hiking trails through the Spreewald vary between 5 and 25 km and their lack of climbs means that anyone can manage them. The hiking trails lead through old deciduous woods, picturesque Spreewald villages and along typical streams, locks and Spreewald meadows. With a little luck, you will also be able to spot rare animals and plants. Some of the trails can be combined to form a longer trip, and anyone finding the route too long can make the return journey at any time with a ride in a typical boat. 

    Hiking trails from Burg

    Weidenburg Arena Salix

    Several hiking trails through the Spreewald lead off from the spa town of Burg. On the Fontane Trail (11 km), hikers follow in the footsteps, as the name would have you suspect, of the famous German writer Theodor Fontane, and in the process they will pass several historical Spreewald farms. The local history nature trail (5 km) offers more information on the unique flora and fauna of the Spreewald. The circular trail starts and finishes at the Bismarck Tower in Burg and it takes hikers to the Visitors Centre of the Biosphere Reserve and to the Willow Castle Salix Arena. The Nowy circular trail (6 km) starts directly at the Burg Tourist Information Office and it takes the history of the town as its central theme. The first staging-post on the way to the Old Spreewald Station is the traditional costume embroidery mill Dziumba with a large selection of historical costumes. After that you will reach the historical Nowy farmstead where one of the oldest farming families of the town still lives.

    Hiking trails from Lübben

    Schloss & Park Lübben

    Two hiking trails also start from Lübben. The circular trail on Spreedamm (23 km) leads past the remains of the old town wall of Lübben and the Paul-Gerhardt Church, the emblem of the town. The route takes you through Lübben's green grove up to Hartmannsdorf weir, one of the largest waterway structures in the Spreewald. The second hiking route leads from Lübben to Lübbenau (15 km) and passes Castle Lübben with its Castle Island, as well as the bustling port quarter in Lübbenau with its gherkin mile.

    Hiking trails in the Lower Spreewald

    The hiking trail through Krausnicker Bergspreewald (18 km) to Lake Heide, leads from Krausnick up to Mount Wehla and from there down into the valley to Großwasserburg. The hilly countryside of the Krausnicker Hills is unique for the Spreewald and particularly worth recommending for that very reason.
    Further information on the hiking trails in the Spreewald and corresponding maps can be obtained from the Spreewald Tourist Information Offices.

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