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The place Lieberose (Luboraz)

Lieberose Palace with its extensive park is one of the largest baroque palaces in the State of Brandenburg.

Surrounded by fields, woods and lakes, the little town of Lieberose lies in the Upper Spreewald. Bordered by Lake Schwieloch to the west and the Schlaube valley to the east, Lieberose offers a wealth of excursion options in a charming natural landscape.


The centre of Lieberose was gutted by several fires in the Middle Ages with the result that the development dates back essentially to the 18th and 19th centuries. Lieberose Palace is among the most well-known historical monuments in the town, being one of the largest baroque palaces in the State of Brandenburg, and surrounded by a 34 hectare park complex. The Saxon posting milestone of 1737 bears witness to the reign of August the Strong who had the posting milestones erected in the towns of the Electorate of Saxony to enable distances and postal fees to be calculated.

  • Lieberose Palace
  • The Saxon posting milestone

Activities in Lieberose

Particularly to be recommended is a walk through the idyllic park landscape of Lieberose Palace or an excursion to the nearby Lake Schwieloch. It is the largest natural lake in Brandenburg. A walk through the wild, romantic Schlaube valley is considered a well guarded secret; it is only a few minutes' drive from Lieberose.

Tourist Information Lieberose

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