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The place Peitz (Picnjo)

The Ironworks and Fishery Museum reveals the history of the fortress town of Peitz and the long fishing tradition it enjoyed.

Who has not heard of the popular Peitz carp. Fish have been farmed in Peitz for centuries. Spread over an area of 1,000 hectares, the ponds of Peitz represent one of the largest connected pond complexes and a significant centre of the fishing industry.

Peitzer Teiche & Eisenhüttenwerk
Rathaus von Peitz

Sights & activities in Peitz

A visit to the Ironworks and Fishery Museum is an absolute must. Situated directly beside the Peitz ponds, it offers fascinating insights into the fishing tradition stretching back many years, former iron production and the industrial history of the town of Peitz. The history of the old fortress town of Peitz itself is also interesting. The fortress tower in the historical Old Town is not only the town's emblem but also the oldest construction in the town, and today it houses a multimedia exhibition on the history of the town. On a guided tour with the Prussian soldier, you can get to know the Old Town with its historical town hall, church and malt house bastion.

  • Ironworks and Fishery Museum
  • Ponds of Peitz
  • Historical town centre

Places to visit in the local area

One popular destination in the area surrounding Peitz is the adventure park of Teichland with a summer toboggan run, maze, crazy golf and much more. The local history museums in Jänschwalde, Drachhausen and Tauer tell the story of the traditions and customs of the Sorbs/Wends. There is a wealth of sand in the area surrounding Peitz to the east where the open-cast mines of Jänschwalde extend. Vantage points in the villages of Grötsch and Grießen offer a wide view of the immense landscape characterised by its surface mines. They can be comfortably reached by bike and offer a variety of routes.

  • Adventure park Teichland
  • Local history museums in Jänschwalde, Drachhausen & Tauer
  • Mines of Jänschwalde

Culture and Tourism office in Peitz

Markt 1
03185 Peitz
phone: +49 35601 8150

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