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The place Straupitz (Tšupc)

Visitors to Straupitz should not forget their cameras as this small community in the Upper Spreewald contains sights that you won't see the like of again. Regional customs are still particularly embraced and well cultivated in Straupitz as part of traditional festivals such as Shrovetide and Carnival.

Holländerwindmühle Straupitz
weiße Schinkelkirche in Straupitz
Karneval in Straupitz (Spreewald)
Kornspeicher Straupitz
Zampern in Straupitz
Straupitzer Karneval

Sights in Straupitz

One of the main features in Straupitz is the neo-classical Schinkel church with its two shining white church towers. As the name already suggests, the church was designed by the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The well-known master builder and architect found special inspiration on his trips to Italy, and his work here was influenced by the style of antiquity. Only a few metres away, visitors will find a rare construction of a quite different kind. The historical Dutch windmill in Straupitz is the last working three-bladed windmill in Europe. Visitors must not forget to try the freshly pressed linseed oil. Straupitz' historical grain silo is to be found between the Schinkel church and Castle Straupitz with an exhibition, pottery workshop and shop gallery.

  • Schinkel church
  • Historical Dutch windmill
  • Historical grain silo
  • Castle of Straupitz


Residents of Straupitz love their village and its associated customs and traditions. They maintain their culture with festivals such as the Johannismarkt fair and the Thanksgiving Festival, and they are reviving their traditional crafts, traditional Sorbian dress and their old boating tradition. The custom of driving out winter and evil spirits known as zampern, Shrovetide celebrations and the Straupitz Carnival are among the highlights in February. They are organised by one of the strongest Carnival Associations in the Spreewald and are they are numbered among the most important customs in the region. 

Tourist Information Straupitz

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