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Castles in the Spreewald

Castles in the Spreewald combine history, aesthetics and nature in a unique overall construction.

Schloss & Park Lübbenau
Schloss & Park Lübben

The eventful and long history of the Spreewald's upper classes is reflected in their imposing castles. The diverse architectural styles in which the castles were designed, reveal the prevailing conventions at different times of Spreewald history. The beautifully designed castle parks which are open to the public and which host numerous cultural events throughout the year, are an invitation to take a walk and linger.

The castles

One particularly popular sight in the Spreewald is the wonderful park belonging to Castle Branitz. The landscape garden has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004 and it is a masterpiece of garden art. Visitors to the castle which was built at the end of the 19th century can today admire the faithfully reproduced furnishings from the time of Prince Pückler.

Fans of history will find the interactive town and regional museum in the Renaissance castle in Lübben. In spite of numerous conversions, the magnificent façade still offers a flavour of the preceding construction dating back to the 15th century. A further Renaissance palace in the Spreewald which was given its present appearance in the 19th century, is Lübbenau Castle. Today, the palace houses a first-class 4 star hotel. The park surrounding the complex was created at the same time as an English landscape garden and it impresses visitors with many little features.

Vetschau Town Castle which is still surrounded by a moat, today houses the administration departments for the town of Vetschau and is open to the public. The Renaissance castle complex dating back to 1540 is subject to a preservation order as is the expansive castle park. The knights' hall and the permanent exhibition in the Coat of Arms Room are always worth a visit.

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