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Churches in the Spreewald

Medieval frescoes, rare carvings and famous architects - the churches in the Spreewald are sacred witnesses of an eventful history.

The Wendish-German double church in Vetschau is of particular architectural and historical significance. Both churches are connected by a common sacristy and they share a joint church tower. This makes it a symbol of the understanding between peoples as already embraced for centuries in the Spreewald, between German majorities and Sorbian minorities.

In Lübben you will find the place where the famous German hymn writer, Paul Gerhardt, worked. The late Gothic hall church named after him houses a type of late Romantic organ with 29 registers which has become especially rare. Images and hymn verses by Paul Gerhardt are also to be found on six leaded glass windows.

The Schinkel church in Straupitz boasts a famous creator. As the name already suggests, the church was designed by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The two shining white church towers and the bright, simple but at the same time graceful interior to the church are particularly characteristic of its neo-classical style.

Kirchturm der Wendisch-Deutschen Doppelkirche
Kirchturm der Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche

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