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Museums with exhibitions

Numerous museums in the Spreewald use exhibitions to show special aspects of the region's history. The building housing the Niederlausitz museum in Luckau has a particularly eventful history. The former abbey today houses the permanent exhibition on life in the past, present and future. At the same time, visitors can allow themselves to be transported back to the time when the building served as a prison. The Ironworks and Fishery museum in Peitz focuses on the one hand on the manufacture of iron and iron products in the former ironworks. On the other, the Fishery Museum and the pond nature trail provide information on fish farming in Peitz. The beautiful and typical thatched wooden blockhouse in Burg houses the local history centre today. This Spreewald museum has continually changing exhibitions on the Spreewald in prehistoric times, the history of the Church and on Sorbian traditions. Things are slightly more unusual and modern in the exhibition staged by the Museum for Comic Art in Luckau. In a space of 150m², the cartoon museum presents special exhibitions on artists and recurring themes in the comic scene.

Museums in the Spreewald

The museums in the Spreewald offer guests a lively insight into the ways of life of earlier times.

The many museums in the Spreewald illustrate life in the Spreewald in former times. The open-air local history museums are particularly popular with families as visitors can experience up close how people of earlier generations lived, worked but also celebrated in the Spreewald. Specific aspects of history are explored in more detail in both permanent and special exhibitions.

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