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    Wellness and Cuisine

    Relaxation, sports and good food go hand in hand when it comes to feeling well, healthy and fit. The Spreewald offers numerous possibilities to enjoy a day of sitting back and getting wellness treatments. Visitors of the Spreewald thermal spas will find spacious sauna areas as well as countless opportunities to go swimming. Relaxing massage treatments are available there as well.


    Solebecken der Spreewald Therme

    Spreewald Thermal Baths

    Whether it is a day at the spa or just a couple of hours to unwind from sightseeing, the wellness treatments that can be found in the Spreewald cover all possible needs. The Spreewald Therme in Burg, for example, provides eight pools with brine water alongside a great sauna area. Each of the eight pools has a different temperature and brine concentration, some so high as to make the body float on the water surface. Brine is especially helpful with conditions such as back pain, skin problems or respiratory diseases. Guests of the sauna area find several different types of saunas from which they can choose. In between turns the generous sauna garden provides ample place to wind down and enjoy some leisure time.

    Pinguinbecken der Spreewelten


    Another highly popular spa is the Spreewelten in Lübbenau. 14 saunas designed in typical Spreewald styles and themes, professional massages and other wellness treatments are offered in this unique thermal spa. The true reason for its great popularity, however, can be found by the heated outdoor pool: there, the Spreewelten houses real penguins that swim alongside the visitors, only separated by a pane of glass. This exceptional opportunity can be experienced year-round and brings joy to the young and the old.

    Tropical Islands

    For those who want to experience Caribbean flair no matter the season, the holiday world Tropical Islands is the place to go. White sandy beaches, warm temperatures and a tropical rainforest await in the pool area of the Tropical Islands. The sauna and spa area is designed to look like old temples in the rainforest and offers a great variety of saunas as well as the opportunity to get massages and wellness treatments.

    Spreewald Cuisine

    Spreewälder Spezialitätenkorb

    The local cuisine of the Spreewald offers some special regional treats.

    First and foremost is doubtlessly the Spreewald gherkin.
    Popular far beyond the area of the Spreewald, the locally grown and pickled cucumbers are produced according to recipes that have oftentimes been passed on for generations and are well-kept family secrets. Traditional recipes include mustard pickles, dill pickles, garlic pickles and, of course, simple pickled cucumbers.

    Another regional product known all over the world is linseed oil.
    This healthy and tasteful vegetable oil is made from linseed grown right here in the Spreewald and is still produced in the Spreewald mills today. It is possible for guests to arrange a tour through the mills or even take part in a linseed oil tasting.

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