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Linseed oil Spreewald

The valuable linseed oil is still produced in the mills of the Spreewald and is part of the culinary heritage of the people of the Spreewald.

Just like the Spreewald gherkin, so too linseed oil also comes from the Spreewald. It has long since been part of the culinary heritage of people from the Spreewald who especially like eating it together with boiled potatoes and quark. With its mild, nutty flavour and its multiplicity of Omega 3 fatty acids, it is an especially healthy and tasty vegetable oil.

The history of linseed oil stretches back a long way as far as the 18th century as even then the valuable oil was being pressed from the ripe flax seeds. The gentle cold pressing of the flax seeds ensures that valuable ingredients are preserved. The remaining fibres can be processed to form linen fabrics.

Pellkartoffeln mit Quark und Leinöl
© Kanow-Mühle
Kanow-Mühle am Ufer der Dahme

Regional producers

Linseed oil is still being produced today in accordance with the old tradition, for example in the Dutch windmill in Straupitz and the Kanow mill in Sagritz. In the process, the operators make sure to use regional seeds which are cultivated in the direct vicinity. A guided tour of the mills or on-site tasting are a highlight where visitors can literally let the Spreewald melt in their mouths. The freshly pressed linseed oil is exclusively available in proprietary farm shops or in the respective online shops.

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