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The Spreewald gherkin

What would the Spreewald be without its gherkins?  Genuine Spreewald delicacies are popular and famous far beyond the boundaries of the Spreewald itself. But where does the tradition of pickled gherkins come from and how are the gherkins produced to this day in the Spreewald?

Spreewälder Spezialitätenkorb
Verschiedene Sorten der Spreewaldgurke

The story of the Spreewald gherkins

Flemish cloth makers brought the cucumber seeds from their homeland to the Spreewald. Thanks to the dark soil rich in humus, the special water conditions and many hours of sunshine, the Spreewald is ideally suited for the cultivation and growth of cucumbers. At the beginning, the main difficulty lay in storing the cucumbers for longer periods of time. In order to have sufficient stocks for the winter months, they were finally preserved by adding vinegar.

Mustard pickled gherkins, sour gherkins, pepper gherkins, garlic gherkins or spice gherkins - the traditional recipes for Spreewald gherkins are often strictly guarded family recipes which are handed from generation to generation. The savoury, aromatic taste is the typical characteristic of the real Spreewald gherkin.

Spreewald gherkins are hand-picked to this day and dressed with fresh ingredients. The red seal of quality marked "Original Spreewald Gherkins" from the Spreewald Association guarantees that more than 70% of the processed gherkin produce consists of gherkins cultivated in the Spreewald. Moreover, Spreewald gherkins are only processed in plants based in the Spreewald and subject to constant monitoring.

Spreewald Gherkin Day & Gurkenradweg

Once a year on Spreewald Gherkin Day in Golßen, visitors have the chance to try the various types of Spreewald gherkins. You can learn even more about the typical Spreewald gherkin on the 260 km "Gurkenradweg". Here you can follow the path of the gherkins from the field to the jar and at the same time enjoy the fresh natural air of the Spreewald. Some plants also offer the chance to watch the staff at their work on a guided tour of the factory with prior registration.

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