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Spreewald Tourism Association

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The Spreewald Tourism Association forms the organisation under which all the tourist concerns of the region are combined. It works with partners and service providers in the Spreewald to raise the profile of the region with regard to the diversity of choices available to tourists and the quality of the service. The continual dialogue between service providers and the constant interaction with guests form an important part of the work.

The purpose of the Spreewald Tourist Association is to develop tourism and leisure facilities in the economic area of the Spreewald taking account of social and environmental compatibility. It supports all measures which benefit this assignment as well as the economic and cultural development of the Spreewald economic area. Its priorities include tourism marketing and image advertising for the Spreewald at home and abroad. For example, the Spreewald Tourism Association publishes its own print products such as the Spreewald Journal and the holiday magazine Spreewald. It represents the holiday region at national and international fairs, and is the authoritative contact when it comes to advising guests.

The office of the Spreewald Tourism Association in Raddusch also houses a certified Tourist Information Office. Local services include personal consultation and for guests they comprise free offers of accommodation, group travel, day excursions and travel programmes in the Spreewald. Acting as agents for tours, selling tickets for events and free information brochures also form part of the services offered.

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