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The team of the Tourism Association Spreewald

welcomes you in the natural paradise south of Berlin.

We are happy to be your contact for all questions about your stay in the Spreewald.

We look for a solution for each of your concerns and offer you the tourist all-round service. Come to us and let us give you tips on the most beautiful excursions, interesting events and suitable accommodation. We are also the right contact for group travel and provide you with accommodation and group excursions in the unique nature with 1,500 km of waterways and dense, green forests.

Your contacts in the Spreewald:

Tourismusverband Spreewald, Annette ErnstLeiterin Tourismusverband Spreewald

Annette Ernst
Head of Tourism Association Spreewald

phone: +49 (35433) 581-0

Tourismusverband Spreewald, Sybille Hähnel Assistentin der Leiterin, Service, Information

Sybille Hähnel
Assistant to the Head of Tourism Association, Service, Information

phone: +49 (35433) 581-26

Jenny Ruben
Press, Public Relations Manager

phone: +49 (35433) 581-10

Tourismusverband Spreewald, Kristin OrbanzReiseveranstaltung, Auslandsmarketing, TMB-Markenmanagement, Klassifizierung von FH/FW nach DTV

Kristin Orbanz
Travel Event, International Marketing, fair 
TMB brand management,
Classification of FH / FW of the DTV

phone: +49 (35433) 581-19

Tourismusverband Spreewald, Jana Strahl, Reiseveranstaltung, Zimmervermittlung, Klassifizierung von FH/FW nach DTV, Qualitätsmanagement

Jana Strahl
Travel Event, Accommodation Service,
Classification of FH / FW of the DTV, Quality Management

phone: +49 (35433) 581-17

Tourismusverband Spreewald, Grit Bandemer Marketing & Vertrieb Tourismus

Grit Bandemer
Marketing and Sales Manager Tourism

phone: +49 (35433) 581-12

Tourismusverein Spreewald, Auszubildende Justine Schaller

Justine Schaller

phone: +49 (35433)581-15

Laura Barsig
Innovation Assistant 

Tel.: +49 (35433) 581-14

© Tourism Association Spreewald
Tourismusverein Spreewald Raddusch Haus Außenansicht

Your contact to the Tourism Association Spreewald:

phone:           +49 (35433) 7 22 99
fax:                +49 (35433) 7 22 28
adress:           Raddusch, Lindenstraße 1
                        03226 Vetschau/Spreewald

The opening times:

Monday to Friday (except bank holidays): 8.00 to 17.00

Directions to the Tourism Association Spreewald:

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