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Spreewald Thermal Baths

The Spreewald Thermal Baths in Burg are salt water thermal baths, the brine for which issues from a depth of 1,350 metres directly under the baths.

As well as various salt water pools, the Spreewald Thermal Baths offer a sauna garden as well as an extensive fitness and wellness programme. Visitors planning a longer stay in the Spreewald, can find peace and relaxation in the neighbouring 4 star Thermenhotel.

In the salt water baths, the Spreewald Thermal Baths offer you 8 bathing pools at different water temperatures and brine concentrations as well as an outside pool with a white water canal. The healing properties of the salts and minerals alleviate back pain, skin problems and respiratory illnesses. There are two typical Spreewald gherkin barrels at the heart of the salt water baths with steam bath and brine inhalation.

Blick auf die WellnessGalerie
Solebecken der Spreewald Therme

The sauna area of the Spreewald Thermal Baths includes a Finnish sauna, sanarium, caldarium, aroma steam bath and a fire sauna. Fresh and dried herbs are boiled in a copper pot in the rustic herbal sauna. The Spreewald sauna with panoramic view offers different infusions every hour, and the conservatory is an invitation to take extended periods of rest.

Regionally developed care products such as linseed oil, gherkins, Spreewald brine, herbs and algae are used in the wellness area of the Spreewald Thermal Baths. Besides the extensive massage offers, you can also book moor packs, algae-herb baths as well as various cosmetic applications in the Spreewald Thermal Baths.


Spreewald Therme
Ringchaussee 152
03096 Burg (Spreewald)
Tel. 035603 18850

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