Activities & Excursions in the Spreewald

A holiday in the Spreewald offers you a very special repertoire with experiences from traditional culture, sporting activities and the unique nature. Learn about the history of the Sorbs and Wends and let yourself be enchanted by history. During a round trip in the traditional Spreewald barges on the famous rivers, you will learn interesting stories about life in the region from knowledgeable barge guides.

Or explore the rivers on your own with a canoe or kayak. Boat rentals are plentiful in all places directly on the water. The Spreewald is also ideal for all-day cycling trips or extensive hikes. Let yourself be fascinated by the green heart of Germany with its idyllic houses and their unique architecture. Pick out something fine for yourself!

The Spreewald is a
Biosphere Reserve.
Region of Delight.
Nature Experience.
Biosphere Reserve.

Sights in the Spreewald

In addition to its unique landscape, the Spreewald has many attractions to offer visitors of all ages. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Spreewald is not only known for its extraordinary landscapes, but also for its unique destinations.

Boat trips in the Spreewald

A boat trip on the extensive network of rivers is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Spreewald. Let your ferryman guide you through picturesque Spreewald villages, peaceful meadows and towering forests. While paddling, you will learn interesting facts about sights, traditions and customs and are often even served Spreewald gherkins and bread or other local delicacies. Tip: On a "punt trip of the senses" you can leave everyday life behind and completely relax.

Kahnfahrt der Sinne Frau liegt im Kahn und entspannt
© TVS | Malte Jaeger

Winter excursion destinations

The Spreewald also offers a wide range of outdoor activities in winter. Explore the biosphere reserve on a horse-drawn carriage ride or explore the landscape on a horseback ride. Enjoy pure nature during winter paddling and experience the mystical atmosphere of the wintry Spreewald. When the first snow falls and the rivers freeze, an excursion to go ice skating or bumper sledding is worthwhile. Experience dreamlike winter hikes and romantic boat trips.

Kahn mit Kamin Feuer Detailansicht Paar im Hintergrund
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