Canoeing in the Spreewald: an experience!

Book a traditional Spreewald canoe tour with Spreewald pickles or coffee and let yourself be poled from village to village. Canoeing through the extensive network of streams is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Spreewald. Let your canoe guide take you past picturesque Spreewald villages, peaceful meadows, and imposing forests. You will learn interesting things about sights, traditions, and customs on the canoe trip and be treated to Spreewald pickles and bread.

Spreewald canoe season
High season (April 1st-October 31st)
Low season (November 1st-March 31st)

The high season for canoeing is from April to October. During this time, the canoes depart on the hour. You should plan to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours on a canoe trip, and special theme canoe trips can take longer. The winter timetable applies from November to March. During this time, selected ports and boat houses offer winter canoe trips or mulled wine canoe trips. Equipped with wool blankets and mulled wine, you will be on the water for about 1 hour. In particularly cold winters, when the rivers are frozen, the canoes are replaced by sleds and ice skaters.

Shrovetide and Zamper Culture

When the dark nights slowly become shorter again, one of the region's best-known spring customs begins: Shrovetide (Zapust). Moving from house to house, with noise, music and masquerades, "Zampern" (Sorbian: camprowanje, "to demand" or "to hiss") is about driving away winter and its evil demons and spirits. Traditionally dressed in festive traditional costumes or modern colourful costumes, couples - young and old - parade through the village or town to shake a leg and twirl colourful ribbons at the big Shrovetide dance.

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Sorbian Spinte Tradition

In the winter months, from October to March, unmarried girls worked on their trousseau according to Sorbian tradition. Flax and sheep's wool were spun, stories were told, laughter and singing took place. Even today, women get together and spend fun spinning afternoons together to shorten the cold winter days and show you their tricks of the trade. Listen to exciting stories, watch the fascinating technology and maybe even get involved in a spin yourself.