Spreewald Excursion Destinations

The Spreewald is a true treasure chest in its wealth of culture and landscape. Discover the variety of possibilities. Explore the course of the widely branching rivers on a canoe trip, take a bike tour to the Gherkin Museum, visit one of the historic towns. We will be happy to provide you with inspiration.

Walking barefoot through a park and letting your gaze roam over vast landscapes, discovering new things and experiencing nature on excursions in the Spreewald... Almost anything is possible in the Spreewald.

Numerous informative exhibitions

Experience Spreewald history at first hand in the Stary Lud settlement and in the Slawenburg Raddusch. In the granary in Straupitz you can see an exhibition with antiquarian witnesses to centuries of village history. From the Bismarck Tower in Burg you can get a bird's eye view of the Spreewald and learn about magical stories.



Why not visit the numerous sights and excursion destinations in the Spreewald on your next exciting Spreewald holiday.

Kinder in Museum
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow

Zoos and animal parks in the Spreewald

In the Spreewald you can experience both native flora and fauna and exotic animals. Alpacas, Bennett kangaroos and rainforest? Let us surprise you! For example, experience special little time-outs during a walk in the company of alpacas.

Alpaka auf Wiese
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Sights at a glance

Museum Village Stary Lud in Dissen

The museum village of Stary Lud in Dissen provides a particularly vivid picture of life in the Slavic Middle Ages. In the five pit houses of the small settlement, pottery benches, wrought iron and looms bear witness to the life of the settlers 1,000 years ago. The Slavic castle of Raddusch also tells of the settlement history of the Spreewald and Lower Lusatia. Many of the former medieval castles have been converted into magnificent palaces over the years. The castles in Lübben, Lübbenau, Vetschau and Branitz with their extensive gardens are among the most beautiful sights in the Spreewald. The ornate landscape garden of Branitz Castle has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

altertümliche Gegenstände in Hütte
© TVS | Peter Becker

Open Air Museum in Lehde

If you want to get to know the life of the simple Spreewald inhabitants in the 19th century, a visit to the open-air museum in Lehde is recommended. The four historic farms with the lush farm garden and the interactive experience places convey exciting details about traditional crafts and regional traditions.

Book your holiday in the Spreewald now and make beautiful excursions in the Sp reewald with family and friends or visit interesting events in the Spreewald that will make your stay an experience.