Promotion projects in tourism

To realise a tourism project, it often takes more than just a bright idea. Funding projects are an important way to support organisations and individuals who would otherwise not have the resources to realise their ideas.

There are many funding programmes in Brandenburg that support entrepreneurs in implementing their ideas. On the funding portal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy, they can find funding opportunities in all areas and offers of advice and support.

Promotion projects in the field of tourism

As the Spreewald Tourism Association, we are constantly developing our destination in order to be able to offer our guests a pleasant and appealing stay. The development of the region's infrastructure for all residents and guests also plays a major role here, or the management of sustainable tourism offers in the destination. For this purpose, we use funding programmes such as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

The European Regional Development Fund is a funding instrument of the European Commission for all European regions. It attempts to even out differences in development. The ERDF addresses the needs of the regions. The European Social Fund improves the chances of employment, supports people through training and qualification and tries to reduce disadvantages on the labour market. The Spreewald Tourism Association is already successfully using both offers.

Becher mit Spreewald Motiven und Hände in Nahansicht die sie halten
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow

IFAF-funded research project "GreenBot

This research project manages sustainable tourism offers in different destinations. We are working together with the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). Other partners are the Berlin School of Economics and Law and Tourismus Marketing Brandenburg GmbH.

The team is developing a visitor guidance app and a general guide to visitor guidance for the Spreewald. An important part of the study deals with how guests and local residents can be persuaded to be more aware of, and conserve, nature in the Spreewald. This includes, for example, paddling rules that do not contain prohibitions but explain in a nice way why the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Spreewald is not to be entered everywhere or why rubbish left behind is not good for the animals in our cultural landscape. In the project, expert interviews are conducted and evaluated and a qualitative survey on the topic of "Paddling experience & Spreewald knowledge on site" is developed and carried out. All information on the GreenBot can be found on the IFAF project website.

Promotion of the Sorbian/Wendish people in the district of Dahme-Spreewald

The Spreewald Tourism Association has set itself the task of preserving and further developing the diverse cultural heritage of the Sorbs/Wends with their tradition and language as an expression of the identity of the Sorbian/Wendish people. In 2022, we had coffee cups made of grass paper artistically designed with Sorbian/Wendish motifs as a nature-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cups in outdoor restaurants and leisure facilities. These are now mainly used on barges.

This is just a small push for sustainable development in the region. The second project is a Sorbian/Wendish family box that guests can try out in restaurants in the Spreewald when they have to bridge waiting times. Here guests will find a Sorbian/Wendish memory game, a doll to cut out with three different traditional costumes, a colouring booklet, crayons, a postcard, a Sorbian booklet and the family leisure card. The design was created by the artist Karen Ascher from Lübben. The Spreewald Tourism Association was able to plan and implement both projects with the help of the Dahme Spreewald district.

Mann und Frau halten Spreewald Becher und lächeln
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow