The Spreewald map online and maps for printing

The interactive map of the Spreewald

Our interactive map of the Spreewald gives you an overview of the entire region. Explore the surroundings even before your holiday and be inspired by the numerous possibilities. The embedded map is designed so that you can get an overview of the current places and sights at any time. Simply click on the desired category and learn more about the most interesting destinations in the region. Feel free to try it out and get to know the most beautiful places, sights and excursion destinations.

Tip: With the help of the notepad function via the asterisks, you can compile and save a complete daily plan for an excursion, as well as share it or optionally print it out!

Maps in the Spreewald for round trips and orientation

The Spreewald is not only known for its beautiful landscape, but also offers a veritable cornucopia of possibilities to spend an unforgettable holiday due to its culture, tradition and history. In order to be able to orientate yourself well in the region and find the most beautiful places, we recommend our maps. Detailed and accurate, they will help you find your way around the Spreewald. In addition to the interactive maps, we also have many maps available for download in PDF format. Feel free to browse around to find the right map for you, save it or perhaps print it out before you set off.

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The right Spreewald map for everyone

Whether on foot, by bike or on the water. We have the right map for your needs. Our maps are very detailed, so you can always find your way around. Find your way to the most beautiful viewpoints or discover new sights. Plan your holiday online now and find out about all the important and interesting local attractions and accommodation before you travel.

We hope you enjoy planning your trip and have an unforgettable time in the Spreewald.

  • Where is the most beautiful place in the Spreewald? Which route should I take? You will find the answers to these questions on our map of the Spreewald. Let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities and attractions and plan your perfect holiday in the Spreewald.
  • What must you have done in the Spreewald? Which sights should not be missed? You can also find this on one of our maps as so-called POIs, i.e. Points Of Interest, or you can take a look at our informative blog.
  • Where exactly is the Spreewald? What is the best way to get to the region? The Spreewald is clearly shown on our map. There you can also look up directly how you can best get to the region.
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