Culture & Lifestyle in the Spreewald

The Spreewald combines history and modernity to create a unique experience. If you want to shop during your holiday, it is not only worth visiting the town centres of our beautiful towns, but also a trip into the surrounding countryside to the regional producers of traditional Spreewald products. You can experience even more tradition at the events and customs of the Spreewald, as many customs have been handed down from the time of the settlement of the region by the Sorbs and Wends.

Those who want to concentrate entirely on themselves will also find the ideal holiday destination in the Spreewald. Numerous wellness offers let you get in tune with yourself, from herbal oil massages to a stay in a wellness hotel, there are many options open to you. The Spreewald also offers a wide range of culinary delights: regional specialities such as the Spreewald gherkin can be enjoyed just as much as extravagant recipes in the restaurant.

The Spreewald is a
Biosphere Reserve.
Region of Delight.
Nature Experience.
Biosphere Reserve.

Events in the Spreewald

Exciting and traditional events take place in the Spreewald all year round. You can find many of them in our calendar of events. Take a look right now.

Wellness and time out

Spreewald spas and baths, wellness treatments, massages and relaxation in the sauna - the Spreewald offers you a wealth of wellness offers in a unique natural landscape. Innovative wellness offers in combination with the special flora and fauna of the Spreewald offer holistic recreation and relaxation.

Paar im Wellness Cube Lübben in Bademanteln
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Indulgence and restaurants

The Spreewald is not only known for its extraordinary natural and cultural landscape, but also impresses with its regional specialities. The natural and traditional taste plays a major role here. Spreewald gherkins, Spreewald linseed oil and Spreewald horseradish have been traditionally cultivated and refined for generations and can be found in numerous Spreewald kitchens.

Koch in Speisenkammer Burg kocht mit Pfanne
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