KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD is an art and artist network for contemporary visual art in the Spreewald region that focuses on the region and unites three art projects in the Spreewald region to form an innovative, communal network.

Under the umbrella brand "KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD", the Spreewald opens up as a space for all artists. The basis for this is the long-standing and artistically demanding Spreewald art projects aquamediale, SPREEWALDATELIER and SPEKTRALE.

The art-related, innovative, regional networking of districts and cities creates identity. National and international artists can experience the unique landscape and cultural space of the Spreewald and work here artistically.

In the KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD artists work permanently or temporarily under the impression of the unique landscape and cultural space of the Spreewald. Guests and locals thus have the opportunity to experience art at a high level in the rural area, to gain new perspectives on old familiar things and to deal with artistic views on everyday things.



Office KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD c/o Freunde der LÜBBENAUBRÜCKE e.V. Güterbahnhofstraße 57 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald Tel.: 03542 8720390 Fax: 03542 403699

Kunstraum Turm aussen
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The aim of the umbrella brand KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD is to generate more attention for art in the Spreewald region, to inspire international artists for the region and to network with the regional artist scene. The strength of this innovative, inter-county model lies in the use and connection of existing resources and potentials. It provides valuable impulses for culture, tourism and the economy in rural areas and is intended to stabilise the economic basis of art and artists alike. The three successful art projects aquamediale in Lübben, SPREEWALDATELIER in Lübbenau and SPEKTRALE in Luckau have developed out of the aspiration to offer guests and locals a high-quality range of contemporary visual arts. These projects, acting as the three pillars of KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD, have contributed significantly to establishing art from Europe and all over the world in the unique Spreewald region.

  • The aquamediale is an internationally oriented art festival and has been showing contemporary art on themes that touch the Spreewald for twelve years.
  • The unique SPREEWALDATELIER, which has been taking place since 2005, is an international sculptor + caricaturist open air.
  • The SPEKTRALE shows visual art from Brandenburg and Berlin every two years.

The project sponsors of KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD are the districts of Dahme-Spreewald and Oberspreewald-Lausitz and the towns of Luckau, Lübben (Spreewald) and Lübbenau/Spreewald. Institutions, companies and individuals who support and strengthen KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD on a long-term basis in terms of content and/or business can become PARTNERS. Discover art and artists in the contrasting variety of events and studios in the KUNSTRAUM-SPREEWALD.