Museums in the Spreewald

Numerous museums in the Spreewald invite their visitors to experience exciting stories and ancient traditions. From the first and only museum for comic art, to the Sorbian local history museum, where you can learn about the numerous customs and traditions of the Spreewald.

The open-air museum Lehde is a very special museum and an experience for both adults and children. On this old-world farmstead you can gain an insight into the way of life and living of the inhabitants of the Spreewald in the 19th century. You should definitely stop by here during your visit to the Spreewald.

Museums for children in the Spreewald

Numerous museums in the Spreewald invite you and your family to experience, marvel and participate. While your children are doing handicrafts or playing, you can learn more about the culture in the Spreewald and get philosophical between artefacts, medicinal herbs and traditional costumes. Afterwards, take a walk with your family through the corridors or across the meadows of the museums and experience history up close, because in many museums in the Spreewald you can touch the exhibits, climb inside or try them out.


Be there live with your family when craftsmen and artists in the Spreewald create glasses or make genuine Spreewald handicrafts. Learn more during yourholiday in the Spreewaldget to know this unique travel region in detail.

Mädchen öffnet Türen von Museum
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