The most beautiful activities in winter

The Spreewald also offers a wide range of outdoor activities in winter. Explore the biosphere reserve on a horse-drawn carriage ride or explore the landscape on horseback. Enjoy pure nature while winter paddling and experience the mystical atmosphere of the wintry Spreewald.

When the first snow falls and the rivers freeze, an excursion to go ice skating or bumper sledding is worthwhile. Experience dreamlike winter hikes and romantic boat trips.

Winter boat trips

Snuggled up in a warm woollen blanket, a steaming mulled wine in your hand and dreamily listening to the stories of the bargeman or bargewoman - these are the incomparable winter barge trips in the Spreewald. Here, everyday life is far away and the tranquillity of nature is very close.

Familie im Winter bei Kaminkahnfahrt
© TVS | Lena Tschuikow

Winter Canoe Tours

If you want to be active in winter and experience nature up close, you can also explore the Spreewald from the rivers in the cold season. Many rentals offer paddle boats, kayaks or canoes even in winter.

Paddelboot fahren in den Fließen
© TVS | Malte Jaeger

Ride shock sled

The sub-zero temperatures persist, the water of the rivers freezes into a solid layer of ice - and the Spreewalders get out the push sledge. The traditional vehicle is a really special way to explore the Spreewald.

Spreewald Fließe vereist Schlittschuh laufen und Schlitten
© TVS | Peter Becker


When it gets bitterly cold outside, the Spreewald opens up a paradise for ice skaters, ice hockey players and all those who enjoy the cold season. Strap on your skates and explore the Spreewald on the frozen rivers.

vereiste Fließe
© TVS | Peter Becker

Carriage rides through the wintry Spreewald

Small clouds of breath form in the cold Spreewald air, the gentle snorting of the horses makes you feel calm. The horse-drawn sleigh slowly makes its way through thick snow - for a few precious hours, reality is far away and the magic of the Spreewald is tangibly close.

Enjoy the tranquillity of winter nature in the Spreewald and let yourself be enchanted by a sleigh ride or winter carriage ride through the frosty Spreewald.

A winter sleigh ride usually takes about an hour and, depending on the tour, takes you through Lübben, Lübbenau, Burg or the Spreewald villages of Lehde and Leipe.

Nebel über Feld
© TVS | Malte Jaeger