Pensions in the Spreewald

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Guesthouses in the Spreewald are just right for you if you prefer a personal touch and want to get to know the country and its people. There are a variety of small guesthouses in the Spreewald: away from civilisation or close to the hot spots as the perfect starting point for your adventures. Whether for a long weekend, a holiday or a holiday, you will find the right place to stay in the Spreewald. Most guesthouses are family-run and therefore offer you a personal atmosphere. With us, you can book online and get started straight away. Many unique guesthouses in the Spreewald are waiting for you.

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Host directory as an insider tip for the Spreewald trip

Browse through our online booking section and find the best hotels, holiday flats and holiday homes in the holiday region or use our host directory for enquiries. Here we have listed very special insider tips from local hosts and if everything is already fully booked online, you are sure to find something here.

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The right pension for everyone

Individual accommodation awaits you in the Spreewald: epicurean with an attached wine house or brewery, historical with wooden slipper makers or in the middle of nature, along the cycle path or directly on the river or lake.

Types of guesthouses:

  • Pensions that live Sorbian cultures
    In the Spreewald, Sorbian culture is still alive. You can recognise guesthouses with Sorbian origins not only by the rich folklore or Sorbian language, but also by the small details in the accommodation: historic bed pillars or crucifixes and other public relics of faith are more prominent here.
  • Guesthouses that have direct canoe entrances
    What could be better than changing immediately after breakfast to a canoe entrance and paddling through the unspoilt nature of the Spreewald? There are countless accommodations in the Spreewald that are located directly on the riverside (an arm of the Spree).
  • Pensions with a garden or restaurant on the river or on the banks of the Spree
    Your physical and mental well-being is catered for at pensions that have a garden (often with a barbecue area) or even a restaurant. And all with a wonderful view of the river. Especially practical for families with children.
  • Pensions in the Hochspreewald, accessible only by water
    If you are looking for absolute peace and quiet far from civilisation, we recommend the pensions in the Hochspreewald. Cut off by the water, guests rarely come here. But you can enjoy pure nature and see many animals up close.
  • Insider tip: Guesthouses in small towns in the deepest Spreewald
    If you prefer to travel individually and want to stay further away from the tourist highlights, you will still find secluded and charming guesthouses in the Spreewald, as a real insider tip. Lovingly furnished and quaint.
  • Guesthouses along the Gurkenradweg
    If you're travelling by bike, you'll love them: the small guesthouses directly along the Gurkenradweg. Depending on the level of difficulty and the route, experienced cyclists or beginners will find a top route with nearby guesthouses.
  • Ecologically sustainable guesthouses
    Ecologically sustainable is becoming increasingly important. This is also the case for many guesthouses in the Spreewald. They produce their own food or offer breakfast with regional ingredients for their guests. Details can be found in the description of the guesthouse.
  • Pensions for allergy sufferers
    If you suffer from cat, dog or other allergies, you will find pensions in the Spreewald that are specifically designed for allergy sufferers (pet-free and smoke-free, special bed linen for dust mites, etc.). You will find information on this in the description. To be on the safe side, it is best to ask in advance.